Get a free can of baby abalone with every purchase of 2 cans of abalones + free local courier with purchase above S$80.

Premium Brine Abalone (8 Pcs)

Premium Japanese Brine Abalone (8 Pieces)

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Premium Japanese Brine Abalone (8 Pieces)

Extra large Japanese abalones that are firm to the bite, plump and very sweet.

Ready to eat, no cooking required! 

Best eaten with soup/ steamboat/ instant noodles/ anything!

The soup can be used to cook your instant noodles and porridge.

1 can - S$32

2 cans + 1 free can of baby abalones (worth S$7.95) - S$64

5 cans - S$155 (U.P. S$160)

10 cans - S$300 (U.P. S$320)