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Tsurai Spicy Salted Egg Fish Skin

Tsurai Spicy Salted Egg Fish Skin

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Tsurai Spicy Salted Egg Fish Skin is the newest fish skin snack in the market and quite possibly one of the best fish skin snacks in Singapore.

Any time is a good time for fish skin. This is one of the best things to snack on and we've manufactured this classic snack in two flavours - Salted Egg and Sichuan Mala.

The Salted Egg fish skin snack is one flavour that will please everyone, and it will never go wrong. So good, you can eat it on its own. Or use it as dunks for your steamboat! The Salted Egg flavour is slightly spicy, so the kids may want to go easy on this.

S$15.9 for 1

S$29.8 for 2 (U.P. S$31.8 for 2)
S$41.7 for 3 (U.P. S$47.7 for 3)
S$129 for 10 (U.P. S$159 for 10)