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hai chi jia hua jia fen

Hai Chi Jia Hua Jia Fen & Guo Ba Fen Bundle

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Hai Chi Jia 嗨吃家 | Hua Jia Fen 花甲粉 Guo Ba Fen 锅巴粉 Bundle *READY STOCKS*

Mix and match your favourite Hua Jia Fen 花甲粉 & Guo Ba Fen 锅巴粉 from Hai Chi Jia 嗨吃家.

Hua Jia Fen 花甲粉 from Hai Chi Jia is a popular spicy Lala clams noodles from China.

Guo Ba Fen 锅巴粉 from Hai Chi Jia features spicy peppercorn soup base with sweet potato noodles & crispy rice. Each carton comes with 6 boxes of Guo Ba Fen 锅巴粉.

Spicy Lala clam noodles or spicy peppercorn soup with sweet potato noodles and crispy rice? How about trying both in this bundle!

Expiry date: 19 March 2021