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Do you like eating seafood? Love the taste of mussels and clams? The chewy texture and fresh taste of most sea mollusks are a delectable treat everywhere in the world. We bake scallops, we eat oysters raw, we turn mussels into centrepieces in our cuisines.

You can taste the familiarity in the meat of the abalone. For the uninitiated seafood lovers out there, "abalone" is the term for a large family of sea snails. Tasty delicacies, they're a food used in different cultures, and is famous for having a unique taste both when eaten raw or cooked. Highly versatile, this food is prepared in many ways and can be a pricy find on the market. Japanese abalones are considered high-end seafoods. Our abalones are high in quality, canned, and preserved for maximum flavor and to ensure freshness.

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It's easy: get your Japanese canned abalones online in Singapore from and we will deliver them to your doorstep. We offer quality and affordable Japanese braised abalones and Japanese brine abalone. Browse our offerings now!

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