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Ottogi Cheese Ramen Review — Cheesy, Slurp-worthy Korean Instant Noodles You Need To Try

The K-wave that has swept through Singapore a few years back has not died down just yet and people are still digging anything related to South Korea. 

Aside from Korean cosmetics, Korean-pop music and Korean fashion, the demand for Korean food and snacks has increased drastically over the years. 

Everyone loves Korean instant noodles. What makes these noodles so much more appealing is the fact that they are thicker and chewier than most instant noodles in Singapore.

One of the more popular Korean instant noodles that you can find in Singapore is Ottogi Cheese Ramen. Sounds good and you want to give it a shot? You can read on to see our review on the Ottogi Cheese Ramen before trying it.

You can buy a bundle of Ottogi Cheese Ramen from NTUC Fairprice for just S$4.30. Each pack comes with 4 individual packets of Ottogi Cheese Ramen. 

Open your Ottogi Cheese Ramen packet and you'll find the instant noodles alongside 3 sachets containing the soup mix, dehydrated vegetables and the cheese powder. 

Add in the noodles and dehydrated vegetables to a pot of boiling water. 

Then, add in the soup mix and let everything simmer for 4 minutes until the noodles are cooked. Stir it occasionally. 

Transfer your cooked noodles and soup to a separate bowl and then top everything off with the cheese powder. 

We love how the soup has a slight spiciness to it that isn't too overwhelming. This is neutralised by the cheese powder which gives the entire bowl of noodles a milkier, creamier taste and texture. 

Noodle-wise, the instant noodles were just how we liked it; springy and chewy with plenty of bite. The noodles greedily soak up all the soup so every mouthful is packed full of flavour. 

To spice up your bowl of Ottogi Cheese Ramen, we recommend adding ingredients such as crab roll, cheese tofu or even pork belly for a more filling meal. 

Overall, we think these Korean instant noodles are worth a try and we really recommend it! It is honestly one of the better Korean instant noodles in Singapore.