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Nissin Japanese Ramen Kyushu Black — These Instant Noodles From Japan Taste Similar To The Real Deal

One of the most popular instant noodle brands, it is no surprise that Nissin has once again pushed out an innovative instant noodle product that has won the hearts of many. 

Cue their Nissin Ramen series which features four different flavours that are inspired by popular bowls of ramen. Prior to trying it, it is understandable for one to make the assumption that instant foods have their limits and are far from the real deal. However, we feel that Nissin Ramen is a game-changer when it comes to that. 

In this article, we will be reviewing one of the flavours in the Nissin Ramen series, Kyushu Black, to see how it compares to an authentic bowl of ramen. Is it one of the best instant noodles in Singapore? We shall see. 


Photo Credit: Nissin Foods Singapore 


The Kyushu Black Nissin Ramen is available in a bundle of 6 (S$3.85) and in bowl form (S$1.80). Each package comes with instant noodles and the required seasonings. 

To prepare it, all you need to do is add some hot water, wait for about 5 minutes and you're done. 

Photo Credit: Direct Wholesale


If you're a fan of strong, pungent flavours, this bowl of instant ramen is right up your alley as it has a distinctive garlic flavour that comes from the provided fragrant black garlic oil. The soup itself has a creamy, milk consistency which is not something you typically come across with instant noodles. 

Noodle-wise, the ramen noodles aren't your conventional instant noodles and are reminiscent of authentic ramen you can get at a restaurant. Springy and chewy with a decent amount of thickness, the noodles greedily soaked up the rich soup so that there was flavour in every mouthful. 

Honestly, if it were not clear whether these were instant ramen or not, it would be pretty hard to tell the difference between the two. We won't say that this ramen can compete with the bulk of the ramen restaurants in Singapore, but in terms of instant noodles, it ranks quite high up on our list. 

For the price point and quality, we would say that these Japanese instant ramen are definitely worth a try. Do stock up on the Nissin Ramen Kyushu Black the next time you go grocery shopping; they are truly one of the better instant noodles in Singapore.