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10 Best Korean Snacks You Can Buy In Singapore Including Choco Pie & Honey Butter Chips


Singaporeans love all things Korean, period. From Korean-pop to Korean-beauty, we are obsessed, and it is no wonder that South Korea is one of our top travel destinations. 

Fans of Korean culture would probably have already had a taste of a number of popular Korean snacks and if you haven't, you've been missing out. Over the years, they've come up with most creative snacks in the market that will tickle your tastebuds. 

Curious about what's good? We have here a list of 10 best Korean snacks in Singapore that you need to try. From the popular Honey Butter Almonds to the classic choco pie, these Korean snacks will leave you hankering for more. 


Photo Credit: Snack Affair


If you enjoy both sweet and savoury Korean snacks, have the best of both worlds with these Honey Butter Chips, a joint collaboration between popular snack brands HaiTai and Calbee. 

Sweet, savoury and buttery all at once, you may polish off these potato chips in one sitting because they're so addictive! 

Price: S$2.30 – S$2.80 

The Honey Butter Chips used to be pretty hard to get in Singapore but now, you can easily get these Korean snacks online from Harinmart, Shine Korea and Shopee

Photo Credit: EAmart.com



Love kettle chips? Get your fix and try Cosmos Kettle Chips in Cheddar Cheese. These savoury Korean snacks are great for people who love everything with cheese.

Not a fan of cheese? The Korean snack brand also has these chips in other flavours such as Honey Butter, Onion and Hot Buldak. 

Price: S$2.20 – S$3.10 

Stock up on your chips stash and get this Korean snack in Singapore from Giant. You can also buy this Korean snack online at EAmart

Photo Credit: Shopee 


Churro addicts will love this Korean snack which features bite-sized pieces of churros coated in a sweet, addictive honey cinnamon coating. Their convenient size also makes it a dangerous snack option as you may subconsciously eat more than you intended to! 

Price: S$2.20 

You can get these Korean snacks online or instore from Shine Korea

Photo Credit: okashiworldmy.sg


Craving for something spicy? These fiery hot tteokbboki-flavoured snacks will be perfect for you. For the uninitiated, tteokbbokki is a cylindrical Korean rice cake that is served in a sweet chilli sauce and is one of the country's most popular dishes. 

While it isn't chewy like your usual tteokbokki, this crispy and sweet Korean snack has its own appeal that will leave you hooked. 

Price: S$1.70 – S$2

Cart out these spicy Korean snacks online at Lazada.

Photo Credit: shinekorea.sg


One of the most popular Korean snack you can find in Singapore, Lotte's adorable Choco Pies have been a hot-seller for years. Featuring soft marshmallow wedged between two round layers of chocolate-coated cake, this sweet treat is a bite-sized dessert that's handy when you need a quick snack. 

Price: S$2.35 (1 box of 6), S$4.25 (1 box of 6)

NTUC Fairprice, Giant and EAmart do delivery for these Korean snacks so you don't have to leave the house. 

Photo Credit: norraihan1305.sg



While Japan has Glico Pocky, Korea has Lotte Pepero. These stick biscuits have been a popular snack in Singapore for years and one that reminds many of us of our childhood. 

Lotte's Pepero comes in multiple fun flavours such as White Cookie, Peanut & Chocolate and Cheese Cream. 

Price: S$1.20 – S$1.30

Bulk buy this popular Korean snack for future snack sessions from NTUC Fairprice, Giant and Choco Express

Photo Credit: wemakeprice.sg


For seafood lovers, you can give Nongshim's Prawn Crackers a shot. This Korean snack is similar to other local prawn cracker snacks in Singapore and is crunchy, easy to eat and packed full of prawn flavour. Be careful, you may accidentally finish the whole packet without realising it! 

Price: S$1.75 

Purchase these Korean snacks online from Shine Korea and Harinmart

Photo Credit: mukbang.sg 


What could possibly be better than Oreos? Oreo cereal! While this oreo-inspired cereal is more of a breakfast item, it makes a perfect snack too and you can have it with or without a splash of milk. 

Albeit a little pricier than your usual cereal, we still feel that this Korean snack is worth the splurge. 

Price: S$10.90 – S$12.90 (250 grams) 

Order yourself some boxes of this Korean snack online for breakfast from Shopee and Lazada. It can also be found instore at NTUC Fairprice

Photo Credit: mukbang.sg


Dried squid is not a snack that is as common as chips and chocolate but this interesting savoury snack is just as delicious. Also known as ojingoechae, the popular Korean snack is made from dry squid that is seasoned and cut into thin, chewy strips. 

Samyang's tongue-burning Buldak Dried Squid is the ideal snack for people who love seafood and spice. Pair it with an ice-cool soju or beer for the ultimate combination. 

Price: S$29.90 (5 packets) 

Place an order for these Korean snacks online via Shopee

Photo Credit: astrocomi.sg



Tom's Farm Honey Butter Almonds were one of the most highly-raved about Korean snacks in Singapore a few years back and we can easily see why. Sweet, nutty and buttery, these honey butter coated nuts will tickle your tastebuds and leave you wanting more.

If you aren't a fan of honey butter, fret not as they have other quirky flavours such as Wasabi, Yoghurt and Peach. 

Price: S$9.30 – S$9.50 

In the past, you could only get these when you fly over to Korea. Thankfully, we now are able to purchase these delicious Koreans snack online from Redmart and Taste Gourmet Mart.