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11 Best Japanese Snacks You Can Buy In Singapore That'll Zip You To Japan

The Land of the Rising Sun has never failed to captivate us with their gorgeous culture, advanced technology and of course, their scrumptious food. When it comes to snacks, the Japanese are a step ahead of most of us, and they have come up with some of the most innovative creations that we've ever seen. 
It used to be pretty hard to get our hands on Japanese snacks in Singapore unless you hopped on a plane to Japan itself. However, with the arrival of famous Japanese stores on our shores such as Daiso, Don Don Donki and Meidi-ya, we can easily snag our favourite Japanese snacks in Singapore without having to leave the country.

From decadent boxes of Royce Nama Chocolates to the incredibly addictive Tohato Caramel Corn, here are 11 Japanese Snacks In Singapore for you to binge on when you miss Japan. 


Photo Credit: usagikun 


These corn chips snacks are made up of not one, not two, but four layers of chips, which means that you get a huge amount of crunch in every bite that you take. If you're addicted to ASMR and get a kick out of listening to such sounds, this Japanese snack was designed for you. Available flavours to try include Cheddar Cheese, Soy Sauce and BBQ. 

Price: S$2.30 per cup 

Get yourself a few packs of these delicious Japanese snacks from Don Don Donki Singapore. 

Photo Credit: OMG Japan 


French fry addicts will love this convenient snack that's handy when you're too lazy to head on over to your nearest fast food joint to get your fries fix. These Japanese potato fry snacks from Calbee are extremely crispy and come in exciting flavours like Cheese, Cod Roe and even Salad. 

Price: S$1.90 – S$2.95 per cup 

Pop a few cups of these into your cart at Don Don Donki Singapore. Get these Japanese snacks online from Meidi-ya too. 


Photo Credit: 24/7 Japanese Candy 


While the name of this Japanese snack contains the word 'mochi', these cheese snacks are quite different from your traditional glutinous mochi. Instead, the Cheese Hokkaido Mochi's are airy rice puffs that are flavoured with an addictive cheddar cheese seasoning and have a texture that is very similar to cotton candy. 

Price: S$4.30 per pack 

Try these for yourself and get a pack of these Japanese snacks from Don Don Donki Singapore. 


Photo Credit: Kracie Japan 


For those of you who enjoy hands-on activities, this snack will be perfect for you. This popular Japanese snack is essentially a DIY candy kit where you can create your own sweets in the shape of food like ramen, doughnuts and sushi. The easy-to-follow instructions are printed clearly on the back of each box and all provided materials are edible. It's also a great snack option for fidgety kids who enjoy playing with their food. 

Price: S$2.90 – S$11.35 per box 

You can get these DIY Japanese snacks from Don Don Donki Singapore. Alternatively, you can also order these Japanese snacks online from Shopee

Photo Credit: OMG Japan 


Japan is famous for its abundance of Kit Kat flavours which include popular favourites like Apple to weird concoctions such as Baked Potato. While the selection always leaves us spoilt for choice, we always find ourselves gravitating back to their Matcha Kit Kat, a bestselling Japanese snack in Singapore. Matcha lovers will not be disappointed by this Japanese snack as the green tea flavour is extremely rich. These Japanese snacks are also available online from Giant and Cold Storage.

Price: S$1.45 (4 fingers), S$4.90 (pack of mini Kit Kat) 

Stock up on your Kit Kat stash and get a few packets of these from Value Dollar Store and Don Don Donki Singapore. You Can also order these Japanese snacks online from Giant and Cold Storage


Photo Credit: Pringles Japan 


You've heard of Pringle chips and you've heard of cup noodles, but have you heard of Pringles cup noodles? Sounds unimaginable, but it actually exists. These Japanese instant noodles are available in chip flavours like Jalapeno and our favourite Sour Cream & Chives. Definitely a very innovative fusion snack! 

Price: S$3.90 per cup 

Hop on over to Don Don Donki Singapore to get yourself a few cups of these Japanese instant noodles to try. 

Photo Credit: Japee.Tokyo 


Want to show BAE that you care? Get them a pack of Riska Heart Shape Chips. These adorable potato chips come in the shape of a heart so that you get a little love in each bite. 

Riska Heart Shape Chips are not just another novelty item that's all about looks; the Japanese snack is made from non-glutinous rice to give it an airy crunch and come in delicious flavours such as Garlic. 

Price: S$1.90 per pack 

Purchase a pack of these Japanese snacks from Don Don Donki Singapore. 



A more decadent snack option to indulge in would be rich and fudgy Royce' Nama Chocolate. These creamy cubes of happiness are a chocolate lovers dream and they melt away in your mouth almost instantaneously. It's available in a number of flavours such as Au Lait, White and Maccha, so there's something for everyone. 

Price: S$15 per box 

Treat yourself and get a box from Royce' Chocolate Singapore. 

Photo Credit: HKTVmall


This adorable bite-sized snack features a rice cracker topped with a dollop of cheese and a whole almond. Each piece is wrapped individually, making it a convenient snack to share around. However, we won't blame you for keeping it all for yourself because it's so good. 

Price: S$3.10 – S$4.10 for a whole bag 

Stock up your snack stash and get a few bags of these Japanese snacks from Meidi-ya and Don Don Donki Singapore. 


Photo Credit: Japan Centre 


Probably one of the most well-known snacks on this list, Tohata Caramel Corn has been a popular Japanese snack in Singapore for years. These addictive caramel-coated corn snacks are similar to popcorn (but better) and it's possible to accidentally down a whole bag of these in one sitting. Aside from the regular caramel corn, they also have other flavours including Choco Crunch, Almond and Milk. 

Price: S$1.90 – S$2 per packet 

Bring home a few bags of these Japanese snacks from Daiso and Don Don Donki Singapore. 

Photo Credit: Amazon.com 


Neatly wrapped in their own individual wrappers, Umaibo Puffed Corn Snacks are a great lunchbox item for kids as well as a midnight snack. Made from puffed corn, these cylindrical sticks have a sweet and savoury taste that would appeal to many. This Japanese snack in Singapore also comes in interesting flavours such as Corn Potage and Teriyaki Burger. 

Price: S$5.80 for one bag of individually wrapped sticks 

Umaibo Puffed Corn Sticks are available at Don Don Donki Singapore and Yamakawa Super.