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10 Must-try Snacks In Don Don Donki Including Cheeza and Orion Beer Nuts

When Japanese discount store Don Don Donki came to Singapore a few years back, we Singaporeans went absolutely crazy. The famous Japanese discount store sells a plethora of things from home goods to fresh fruit imported from Japan itself.

Of course, one of our favourite sections of this Japanese supermarket is their snack section which is packed full of Japanese snacks, with some that are hard to find elsewhere in Singapore. 

Wonder which Japanese snacks you should get the next time you're at a Don Don Donki outlet in Singapore? Here are 10 snacks to try. 


If you haven't tried this cheese snack, you're sorely missing out. Cheeza is a Japanese snack which features biscuits covered in a cheesy seasoning. These come in a variety of flavours such as Cheddar Cheese, Camembert Cheese and even Avocado Cheese. To jazz this Japanese snack up a little further, you can also eat these snacks with your own slices and cubes of cheese! 

Price: S$3.90 for one packet of Cheeza 


Chocolate lovers will be glad to know that Don Don Donki Singapore carries Dars,  a popular brand of Japanese chocolate. It is sold by the bar for a very affordable price of S$1.90 and comes in a number of flavours such as Milk Chocolate, Bitter Chocolate and White Chocolate. 

Price: S$1.90 for one bar of Moringa Dars 


Munch on some chewy gummies and get the Kanro Pure Gummy snack from Don Don Donki Singapore. These gummies are great for people who enjoy sour candies  as each piece of candy is covered in a layer of sour powder so you get a kick with every gummy you eat. 

Some fun flavours to choose from include Muscat, Lemon and Grape. 

Price: S$1.90 for one pack of Kanro Pure Gummy 


We know that there are a number of people out there who hate peas, but this Japanese snack may change your mind. 

Here, peas which are coated in a savoury batter and roasted to give it a nice crunch. These can be eaten by itself or added into your porridge or rice for some additional texture. 

Price: S$2.80 for one packet of Kasugai Roasted Green Peas 


Japan is famous for its curious variety of Kit Kat flavours which include popular favourites like Apple to weird creations such as Baked Potato. While the selection always leaves us spoilt for choice, we always find ourselves gravitating back to their Matcha Kit Kat, one of the most popular Japanese snacks in Singapore. Matcha lovers will not be disappointed by this Japanese snack as the green tea flavour is very rich. 

Price: S$4.50 for one packet of Matcha Kit Kat 


These Marie Biscuits from Moringa are the perfect biscuit staple to keep in your pantry and the versatile snack goes with plenty of things such as a glass of milk, a slice of cheese or even a swipe of pâté. 

Price: S$3.50 for one box of Moringa Marie Biscuit 


Cheese lovers would not want to miss out on this unique Japanese snack which is essentially a bunch of mini 'cheesecakes' in a box. Each piece of 'cheesecake' is made with a creamy cheese and chocolate paste that is enveloped in a soft yet crumbly crust. When you pop it in your mouth, it simply melts away!

Price: S$2.90 for one box of Moringa Creamy Cheese Bake 


If you love beer and are constantly on the lookout for snacks to munch on while you down a jug, these beer nuts are perfect for you. Coated in a crunchy batter made with beer yeast, the Orion Beer Nuts come in 3 flavours and are a great snack for your next drinking session. 

Price: S$20.80 for one bag of Orion Beer Nuts 


Pocky is one of our favourite childhood snacks and over the years, they've expanded the number of flavours they have to suit different tastebuds. One flavour you have to try is the Pocky Chocolate Banana which features an interesting blend of fruity banana and rich chocolate. Definitely one of our favourite pocky options! 

Price: S$0.90 for one box and S$16 for 20 boxes of Pocky Chocolate Banana 


Neatly wrapped in their own individual wrappers, Umaibo Puffed Corn Snacks are a handy lunchbox snack. Made from puffed corn, these cylindrical sticks have a sweet and savoury taste that would appeal to many. This Japanese snack in Singapore also comes in interesting flavours such as Corn Potage and Teriyaki Burger.

Price: S$5.80 for one bag of individually wrapped sticks