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11 Mala Snacks In Singapore That Will Set Your Tongue Ablaze Including Mala Fish Skin & Mala Oden

Aside from salted egg and bubble tea, there are few things that make Singaporeans as happy as mala. We don't know what it is about this mouth-numbing concoction, but it is as addictive as it is painful. 

We used to be able to satisfy our mala cravings with a hearty bowl of mala xiang guo. Today, many snack brands have hopped onto the mala bandwagon by producing innovative mala snacks that will undoubtedly set your senses ablaze. 

For all you mala lovers out there, we have here a list of fiery mala snacks that you can try the next time you need to update your snack collection. From crispy mala fish skin to mala oden, here are 12 mala snacks in Singapore that you need to try. 


The popular Hei Ren Bu Luo Mala Oden is similar to a Japanese oden and comes with a variety of chewy fishcakes. Here, the instant noodle snack replaces the usual sweet oden soup with a tongue-burning mala broth for a spicy remix.

Each cup comes with sweet potato noodles, dried vegetables and a copious amount of fishcake. All you need to do is add hot water to enjoy your mala oden.

Price: S$46.90 for 1 carton with 12 cups of Hei Ren Bu Luo Mala Oden, S$89.90 for 2 cartons with 24 cups of Hei Ren Bu Luo Mala Oden

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Photo Credit: NTUC Fairprice 


Despite knowing that it isn't good for our health, we can never resist some fried chicken skin. If you share the same sentiments, you may want to try this fried chicken skin snack from Cemani. Here, ultra-crispy slices of chicken skin are coated in spicy mala mixture to turn up the heat.

They use the skin sourced from only the highest quality chickens and their mala seasoning is made from natural ingredients. This mala snack is also Halal-certified, so our Muslim friends can enjoy them too! 

Price: S$5.55 for one packet of Cemani Mala Chicken Skin Snack 

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A recent addition to the instant food scene is the Hai Chi Jia Guo Ba Fen. This instant noodle snack features sweet potato noodles and crispy rice soaked in a spicy peppercorn soup base. The crispy rice adds a contrasting texture to the slippery glass noodles and we love how both components soak up all that deliciously fiery soup. 

It is very different from your usual instant noodle ensemble but trust us when we say that it is worth a try!

Price: S$19.90 for 1 carton with 6 boxes of Hai Chi Jia Guo Ba Fen, S$58.80 for 3 cartons with 18 boxes of Hai Chi Jia Guo Ba Fen and free courier

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Photo Credit: The Golden Duck Singapore


The Sichuan Mala Hot Pot Fragrant Mix from The Golden Duck is like having your favourite mala xiang guo in a bag.

Aside from the brand's signature fish skin, this packet of goodness also includes a medley of fried beancurd skin and mushrooms that are all generously seasoned in a numbing mala concoction that is made from 19 various herbs and spices.

Price: S$39 for a bundle of 5 of The Golden Duck Sichuan Mala Hot Pot Fragrant Mix

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Fried fish skin is one of the most popular snacks in Singapore and we can understand why; who can resist these crunchy, savoury bites?

The Tsurai Sichuan Mala Fish Skin is the newest fish skin snack in the market which features crisp fried fish skin that is smothered in a savoury and spicy mala seasoning. It's great when eaten alone of when dunked in your steamboat, making it a versatile snack for any occasion.

Price: S$15 for 1 bottle, S$36 for 3 bottles and S$100 for 10 bottles of Tsurai Sichuan Mala Fish Skin

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We can foresee ourselves accidentally downing too many of these spicy mala peanuts at one go. Each peanut is covered in a layer of mala seasoning; you can't go wrong with a spicy and nutty combination! 

Its handy size also makes the Ma La Peanut from Lao Jie Kou great for people who need a quick and convenient snack. 

Price: S$2.95 for one packet of Lao Jie Kou Ma La Peanut 

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Sizzling Mala Popcorn

Photo Credit: Magi Planet 


Popcorn doesn't just come in your basic salty and sweet flavours anymore; there are now brands that produce artisanal popcorn with intriguing flavours. 

For mala flavoured popcorn, hit up Magi Planet and try a packet of their Halal-certified Sizzling Mala Popcorn. They use authentic Mala herbs and spices from Sichuan and GMO-free corn kernels for this product. Each individual popcorn promises to pack a punch and you may end up finishing the whole bag without realising it. 

Price: S$9.20 per packet of Magi Planet Sizzling Mala Popcorn  

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Photo Credit: Mala Mala Snacks 


A homegrown brand that has been gaining popularity with their lip-burning mala snacks, Mala Mala is the place to go to stock up your kitchen with some mala snacks. 

They have a multitude of spicy snack options for people who enjoy the heat. Aside from their popular fish skin and potato wedge options, they also sell Hand-cut Mushroom Chips. These are available in 3 different spice levels for various spice tolerances. 

Price: S$9 per packet of Mala Mala Mushroom Chips 

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Photo Credit: Ooh SG  


If you detest peas, the Mala Green Peas from local company Ooh may change your mind. The folks behind the brand have made this low calorie, antioxidant-packed vegetable more palatable by spicing it up with Ooh's special mala seasoning. 

You can eat these mala snacks alone or add them to your rice, porridge or salad to add a fiery kick. 

Price: S$5 for one packet of Ooh Mala Green Peas

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Photo Credit: Fupi.co  


We've heard of chicken skin, seaweed and potato chips, but rarely do we come across beancurd skin crisps. The Sichuan Mala Beancurd Skin Crisps from Fupi, a local brand, are vegan-friendly and high in protein. 

Packaged in a sleek, creative packet, these mala snacks make great gifts for your loved ones (or for yourself). 

Price: S$25 for a bundle of 4 packets of Fupi Sichuan Mala Beancurd Skin Crisps 

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Photo Credit: NTUC Fairprice  


We are sure that the majority of you have heard of Tao Kae Noi, the popular seaweed brand from Thailand. This crispy seaweed is a popular snack in Singapore and we are familiar with their Original and Hot & Spicy flavour. However, did you know that they also have mala flavoured seaweed?

Each packet comes with strips of their famous crispy seaweed that is coated in a layer of mala seasoning. This mala snack is also Halal-certified. 

Price: S$2.95 per pack of Tao Kae Noi Mala Crispy Seaweed 

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